Wanna hear our mixtape? Click here to hear the whole thing!

October 2014 update: In the midst of recording our new full-length album, we decided to put together a mixtape (CD). It’s a mash-up of some of the new recordings, and some old favorites, remixed and produced by Gregg Mervine. It’s called “Bathtub Jams”, and you can pick it up at any of our shows.

June 4 up-update: We just laid down 6 tracks at Morningstar Studios and they’re sounding great! We’ll be heading back later this summer to keep it rolling.

May 2014 update: We are busy rehearsing, revising and finalizing a host of tunes in preparation to record a new album which will include fresh recordings of audience favorites and plenty of new material. We’ll update this site as this project progresses. Stay tuned!

“Live at Tritone”

Released July 5, 2012. Now available online – click here.

Recorded live at Tritone Bar at our penultimate Balkan Dance Party there in early 2012 (before we moved it to Underground Arts!)

Features five original compositions and two traditional tunes, and all the energy and spontaneity of our live shows.

“Live at Tritone” can be purchased at all of our live shows for $10. Or go pick it up or download online now!

You can listen to track 1 streaming, here.


“West Philadelphia Orchestra is the ensemble local roots-music geeks point to with pride at music cons or fests. Let other towns brag about their specialists; we have a band that plays it all. Or can, when they feel like quoting a little something unrelated in the middle of a Balkan or other Eastern-Euro-derived composition, as on the new Live at the Tritone. The members’ jazz and classical training shines through, and the hours of powering klezmer dances are audible. Put this one on and create a new folk dance.”—Mary Armstrong   [Citypaper]


Released 2008. SOLD OUT! But you can get it online here!