What the…?

“….Nancy was an active member of the West Philadelphia Orchestra Women’s Committee and its chairman for one year. She was an active member of The Church of the Good Shepherd Altar Quild. Nancy was well known for her needlepoint productions and as a great mother and wife.”

The Philly Inquirer would like to remind you that if you don’t enjoy good food, cake, and joyous music at parties, then WPO is not the band for you: “I could have done without the post-performance reception with Balkan food (I’m vegetarian), wedding cake (I’m hypoglycemic), and the West Philadelphia Orchestra (a Balkan band that’s deafening indoors).”

“Send me an interviu with you, What do you think about God, help you in life… and send me some musik with you “some christian”… about God, if you have. I want to to an Emission on a Radio Musik (clasic) in Romania, and I need help. I want to do first emision with tou. I’m a little journalist an I want to do an emission about “Byzantine Musik” on a Radio in Romania. Some piece about God, and tell me about you. You, how hour? Is interesting to lissen you in Romania.”

“…inquiry as to booking some members of the West Philadelphia Orchestra…We’re looking for a 3-4 piece bluegrass band…”         Er, maybe we could play blueBRASS?!

“WPO is a key ingredient to our Protest and Flash Dance!…We will be documenting the event.”  How about this protest and wedding dance (with our clothes on!)?:

“In 2006, 11 professional musicians came together to play a Romanian ballad [just one?!]. Five years later [It’s 2013. We’re pretty sure it’s been 7 years, right?], the West Philadelphia Orchestra is now a melodic community with a sound all its own, an adrenalin shot-fusion of Bulkan [sic] Brass Bands jazz and classical music…”130310 Atlanta Symphony Twitter

Every musician’s resume should look like this: “M___ (Trumpet) B.A., ___ 2005, summa cum magna, M.M. ___, 2011. Performing experience: Bravura Philharmonic, West Philadelphia Orchestra. Studied with: G__A__, D__ K__ & J__ K___.”

“Hello. My name’s D____, I’m a cultural producer at W___ Radio. We’d love to let people know about the orchestra’s scheduled performance at    Carnegie Hall by giving away an mp3.”

<– Here’s us playing Carnegie Hall!