WPO at Zlatne Uste Golden Festival 2013

Grand Prospect Hall, Brooklyn NYC
Celebrating 28 years of existence, Golden Fest will be hosting dozens of bands performing across 4 stages! This year, the event takes place on Friday 1/18 and Saturday 1/19 in the beautiful Grand Prospect Hall ( http://www.grandprospect.com/ ).
**WPO’s performance will be at 12AM (midnight), so technically Sunday 1/20. So if you want to see us, get there on Saturday 1/19 and hang out til midnight. After-party following, hosted by Raya Brass Band and Slavic Soul Party!
Golden Fest:: http://goldenfest.org/
FB event page:: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/475834462436893/?fref=ts
after-party:: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/424631577606653/?fref=ts